Ginger Tea

If I were a holistic doctor, this would be my Rx for nearly everything. As soon as any of us are feeling like we’re coming down with something, I bust out the ginger. For cold and flu season any day it’s dreary out, we always have on hand a supply of fresh ginger root just for this tea.  This simple concoction of ginger and raw honey is even more potent when you can use organic ginger and raw honey. I am a fan of raw honey because it contains high levels of nutrients, antioxidants, and alkaline forming properties. And if you ever find yourself rummaging through your medicine cabinet for neosporin, guess who  also has anti-bacterial agents- Dr. Raw Honey!



  • Organic ginger, well-rinsed
  • Organic raw honey
  • Water

This recipe is a 1-2-3 step if you have a blender. Break off a thumb-size piece of ginger. Unless you are Sissy Hankshaw or have unusually large thumbs, you can easily eye-ball this.


If you do not have access to organic ginger, I recommend peeling off the skin first. Please, please resist from using any of the Miracle-Gro variety from China.  Scrape at the skin with a spoon and the skin should easily peel away.  And if you’re using conventional ginger, you may want to add an extra nub of ginger in there because I have found the organic ones to be more potent in flavor.

In a blender, add approximately 2.5 cups of water and ginger. Initially start pulsing so that the ginger piece gets broken up. Then let it blend at full speed for ten seconds and stop to check that your ginger is blending. Pour the entire contents into a 2 quart pan and simmer on low heat for 8 minutes with an occasional stir.

Turn off the heat and transfer to a teapot. I have found it easiest to serve it through a french press so that it automatically filters out but you can easily use a strainer.  To you own liking, spoon out the honey and give it a good whirl. And don’t refrain from adding a splash of milk for a creamy treat.



One thought on “Ginger Tea

  1. Manami says:

    Unfortunately had a week that only ginger tea could improve, but was happy to find the instructions for your version of the concoction. Remember I told you it was the best ginger tea I’d had? Thanks!

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