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Salted Caramel Sauce

Every time I go back home to Seattle, I always buy a box of Fran’s gray and smoked salt caramels. They never make it back to New York. This sauce reminds me of how much joy I have after seeing the candy wrappers my caramels have left behind. I try to share… when I get the large boxes.  Once while attending the Fancy Food show, Fran, herself, was handing out these caramels for her booth. And for the exact reason why every vendor is annoyed with the New York venue, there are always samplers like me who try to act suave and pick up multiple samples. Now I can get my fix by making this irresistible sauce. I swear you can pour this on a rock, and it’ll make a rock taste faboosh. But since I was making an ice cream sundae spread for kids (and big, big kids), I thought rocks might have to pass this time around.


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Ice Cream Sundae Party

I have always loved throwing a party. No matter the reason, it is fun to choose a theme and just play with it. This year for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party, I had to choose the lovely Jane’s Carousel after seeing it the first time at its new location last summer. It’s just majestic. With the backdrop of Manhattan and two beautiful bridges, I definitely wanted to book the space. Three months prior to her birthday, I called the place and there was already a birthday party allocated for that day. Apparently, parents have to call six months ahead for outdoor birthday season. I am a birthday party slacker!

I originally was going to go with the theme of the carousel circus party but then I realized that too many people have posted about that. Plus, I’m not a big horse person (after my not so enjoyable horse lessons). And around mid May, the temperature in Brooklyn was sweltering (80+ degrees), I thought, Ice Cream Sundae!! Also because I asked Ciel what she would like for her birthday dessert. Cake or Cupcake? Cake. Cake or pie? Pie. Pie or ice cream? Ice cream. There was one spread online of a beautiful ice cream sundae party for a wedding by eat drink chic that is really sweet, with the way overdone banner, etc. BUT how could you host an ice cream sundae buffet with NO option of: brownies, magic shell sauce, bananas, AND the all-mighty salted caramel sauce (recipes on the next post)? That’s when I knew, I’m going to make this the ultimate sundae party!

Since my daughter has been talking about this birthday party for weeks, actually more like months. I hope it was everything her 3 year-old heart could wish for.  Happy birthday, sweet Ciel.


The menu included: Vanilla ice cream + pizelle cookies, mint creme “oreos”, coconut crumble topping, brownies, dark chocolate “magic shell”, salted caramel, strawberry compote, bananas, rainbow confetti sprinkles, slivered almonds, maraschino cherries, and whipped cream.

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