Monthly Archives: September 2012

Lime Meltaways

The age-old debate continues: icebox cookies or drop cookies. I have always been in the camp of drop cookies. Until recently, I realized that I have transformed my drop cookies into semi-icebox cookies. So now that I don’t need to take sides, I happily ventured to try more icebox cookie recipes. These cookies remind me of the lemon meltaways I used to eat at afternoon teas and I believe the start of my love for lemony desserts!

You can easily swap the lime zest for lemon or even orange zest- I may have to try a batch with grapefruit…


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Escarole Potato Salad

We have been enjoying the summer in Seattle these past few weeks with family and friends*. I really love the farmer’s markets around here. It’s not just a place to buy your local produce but a lovely spot to gather with friends… while noshing on food.  During my visit, I signed up for a “CSA delivery” from Full Circle Farms. And among the goods provided was escarole.  The exact reason why I love signing up for CSAs is that it forces you to cook with produce you would never pick up from the store.  For some reason, I am always compelled to use as many ingredients in one dish while maintaining a delicious dish and this salad incorporated most of what was in the produce box: escarole, green beans, and red potatoes.

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