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A party at home!

Usually, I start planning my daughter’s birthday party well in advance, a sign that I get way into party planning sometimes.  But this year, it kind of crept up on me.  All I had was a guest list and an idea to do a photo-booth but logistics were just getting a bit too difficult for a 4 year old’s birthday. Having left Brooklyn, I also left behind the agony of having to reserve any popular spot that equated to a great kid party locale 6 months in advance. So, I decided to embrace the much more open space we have in Pasadena. I decided to take all my favorite parts about Pasadena and throw it into a party:

  • We can’t get over the weather here: not having to worry about rain (see last year’s party) we were 100% of an outdoor party!
  • Love the KidSpace Museum – a science-based children’s museum so I included a DIY lava lamp project for the kids to take part in. Bonus is that it can be considered their “goody bag”.  Smart, huh?
  • Bouncy houses, it’s not a SoCal party without one.
  • Love all the great fresh produce and Asian/Mexican/Mediterranean food so I was inspired to host an actual everyone-can-be-seated-dinner-party.

All in all, it turned out just fine. It took one and a half days of cooking and baking but it was all worth it when my daughter told me, “Mom, you make the best parties!”


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