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Purple Sweet Potato Smoothie

I’ve again neglected my food blog– but for good reason. I’ve been in the midst of starting a food venture and I’m really excited about it. Anyhow, I have finally come up with a recipe that was worth returning to, Japanese purple sweet potato smoothie. I know, it sounds hideous. But it’s damn good.

I’ve been on an elimination diet à la GP’s ‘It’s All Good’ to figure out my bloated stomach issues, and decided to finally address it. It’s only day 3 and it’s been relatively easy to follow. The only difference I’ve felt is that my wallet is lighter. This diet ain’t cheap. So far, it’s been going well even though I miss my sweets. I’m sorry Gwynnie but sometimes a ripe pear just doesn’t cut it for me.  And that is why I’m so excited to report back about this smoothie. The purple potato fits the bill perfectly for her Pumpkin Pie Shake recipe because you don’t need the date for sweetness. It is even better because it reminds me of taro. I blended it with homemade almond milk, which is a pain to strain (ha!) but so worth it.

The only gripe about the Japanese purple sweet potato is that it isn’t available year round at the farmers market. Totally going to put this on my list of produce to grow for my wishful vegetable beds.


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