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Nutella Banana Bread

Banana and nutella is a classic combination. If only Elvis had nutella on hand at Graceland, he’d be frying up nutella banana sandwiches. And forget about strawberry + nutella. That’s just lame. I don’t know how I never have thought to add nutella into banana bread seeing that banana nutella is on my french toast roster. I’ve put chocolate chips into banana bread but chocolate chips pale in comparison to nutella in this division; it’d be like having a flyweight compete against a heavy-weight champ. You just don’t mess with nutella.


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Rosemary Dijon Pork Tenderloin

Blend. Marinate. Then Roast. Incredibly simple to make yet packed with flavor. Throw in a few scrubbed potatoes, brussels sprouts, or braise some hearty greens- OR EVEN just on its own served over rice. Gasp. Can dinner really be this easy? And oh-so-lip-smacking delish.  Wanting to impress someone with your fine cooking skills? Pop open a nice Cabernet Sauvignon with it and serve at a dinner. It’s like that great LBD that goes with anything. A cold beer or a fruity red wine. The key is to let the meat marinate for at least 30 minutes. 4 hours is ideal. You have no excuses now. Go!


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Paleo Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes

These are amazing. Detox or not, I could definitely eat these guys any day. With the second day, the chocolate just seeps into even deeper and makes ’em devious almost. I know they’re healthier so my rationale in eating two is justified. Even three. Maybe my preference for ganache frosting stems from my adolescent love for Hostess CupCakes but cake frosting doesn’t ring my bell. Not even a slight jingle. I even baked these for a gluten-free family and they approved. My respect for coconut is definitely on the rise.


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Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage is one of those over-looked vegetables that never really gets the cool popular spotlight. Sure, kale is now the It-Vegge but what about modest ol’ cabbage? At one point, its hey-day could have been in a form of those odd coveted dolls or trading cards.  When I think of cabbage, I can’t help but conjure an image of Charlie Bucket and Grandpa Joe crouched over a bowl of boiled cabbage. I always remember that passage of the Bucket family crammed in the crickety bed slurping their boiled cabbage and potatoes for lunch, and again for dinner. Mmmn, appetizing. Although I enjoy my share of coleslaw, borscht, and sauerkraut, I have to say that stuffed cabbage should help elevate its status. I am always looking for a new way to use up the rest of the cabbage hiding in the back corner of the fridge. You can easily forgo the stuffed cabbage leaves and just make meatballs atop a bed of cabbage. Both turn out just as delicious.


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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Almond Butter “Cookies” w Maldon Salt

Disclosure: Do not make these if you have tastebuds. Really. I had higher standards for you, Gwynnie.

I am participating in the 10 day December Detox where you basically drink a cranberry lemon vinegar concoction before every clean meal. Clean eating basically means eating animals that wash their hands before each meal. Okay, it means eliminating all processed foods and eating whole unrefined foods. Eg: Whole grains such as millet, quinoa, and amaranth, and clean sugars like quality maple syrup, raw/manuka honey, and as much organic vegetables and fruits. I’m on the second day, and it is going decently well because knowing my dietary weaknesses for cookies and salty fried items would be my temptations, I knew to prep myself with some cookies to satiate my sweet tooth. Unfortunately, it is a disservice to cookies by calling these “cookies”. The cookie dough was even promising as my daughter and I both licked the spatula clean. And Maldon salt on cookies sounds promising. I even went so far to make my own almond butter. And to top it off, I even gussied mine up with some cacao nibs. But honestly, this was a waste of my Cup4Cup way-overpriced-gluten-free-flour-mix that I sparingly use. I think the only way to rescue these would be to dip them in melted Vahlrona chocolate ganache sprinkled with bacon… then deep fried and THEN rolled into a real cookie.  But as one who does not want to admit cookie defeat, it’s now my mission to re-invent this recipe to something worthy enough to call a cookie again. I’m on a detox cleanse not a hunger strike here folks. Must. Have. Cookies.


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