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Paleo Chocolate Donuts

Converted the paleo chocolate ganache cupcakes into donuts and they turned out pretty brillz. The only change I made was grating a little nutmeg into the cake batter. These bake into a nice firm cake donut that turned out better than ones I’ve tried in the past. Super happy with the results.


The recipe yielded only five large donuts. Bake at 350 for 11-13 minutes.

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100 Day Project

100 day project. Never heard of it until I received a notice from my daughter’s classroom asking us to prepare one. I google it and unimpressed with the samples provided on pinterest, I decide to come up with one using my daughter’s current fascination: butterflies. Lo and behold, we tackle this thing on a Sunday, yep, the night before it’s due. I seriously tried to have her do as much of the project. The only thing I did was really cut out every one hundred required butterflies and provide minimal art direction. I still don’t get the purpose of the 100 day project. If anything, parents should get a 100 day medal for getting their kid fed and ready for school in a presentable condition. “Good job parent for getting your kid to school for their first 100 days, now only a few thousand more to go…”


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Bento Recap

The request of sandwiches have returned.


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Bento Love

The other day, C brings home the monthly school lunch menu asking why I never let her order lunch, “I can give you a break in cooking and order school lunch.” Immediately thinking how I could convert valuable morning minutes into non-meal prep, I happily suggest she select a day to order school lunch and read her the various lunch options throughout the week.  While I read the grab-n-go bag option of string cheese, yogurt, carrots and fruit, I see her mind churning. She pauses. “But… I really do like my bentos because you make the best lunches ever.” The girl is good. Totally wanting to up my game, I went out that morning and got some of her favorite lunch stuff.


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Back to Bentos

By request, I’ll be posting some photos of C’s lunches again.

Today’s lunch includes: Uncured black forest ham wrapped around goat cheese gouda, blueberry and tangerine medley, and broccolini with avocado. Not pictured: Bunny crackers.