Monthly Archives: February 2015

Sushi Valentines

For some reason, coming up with a Valentine idea was difficult this year.  After doing the 100 day project, C has been asking to do more art projects so I wanted to be sure that she could assemble most of the cards herself. She managed to cut the heart tracings, cut half of the hearts, and glued them on, lastly signing the back with way too many hearts. That girl is seriously about accessorizing. So it came down to this, miso love you.  Geesh, I might as well wrote, “Me love you long time”.


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Apple Pie

Apple pie evokes happiness to me.  Something about the combination of the flaky buttery crust and the tenderness of spiced baked apples. Who didn’t love McDonald’s apple pie when they were fried? For me, apple pie was one of the few desserts my mom actually baked, and when she did, it disappeared quickly from the pie dish. Some of my favorite summer memories include Jill, my high school’s best friend’s mother, baking beautiful peach/nectarine and blueberry pies. Wherever that pie was going, we followed. Pie is just that powerful, especially with a dollop of cream or a scoop of ice cream.

When living in San Francisco, I found comfort going to Mission Pie. It was a simple menu of pies, and they were good. But when I tasted the pies at Four & Twenty Blackbirds, all the nostalgia of my love for pie was sparked again. However, shelling $40 for a pie drove me nuts. Because I cannot just have one slice of pie. One slice does not satiate my pie appetite.

So, it has taken me nearly two years (6 pies of practice) to perfect this recipe. I hope you will enjoy the fruits of my stubborn dedication as much as I do each time I bake this pie… and enjoy 1+ slice.


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