Sushi Valentines

For some reason, coming up with a Valentine idea was difficult this year.  After doing the 100 day project, C has been asking to do more art projects so I wanted to be sure that she could assemble most of the cards herself. She managed to cut the heart tracings, cut half of the hearts, and glued them on, lastly signing the back with way too many hearts. That girl is seriously about accessorizing. So it came down to this, miso love you.  Geesh, I might as well wrote, “Me love you long time”.


The criteria of this year’s cards was using the miscellaneous materials I had around the house.  So the budget was $0. That’s when I found remnants of some sushi gift wrap that inspired me to use cute sushi puns for this year’s cards. Aside from me love you long time, I butchered using soy in so many ways that it probably feels really cheap and dirty right now: True soy mates… You soy cool… then there was, Wasabi, let’s roll! Yes, it got THAT desperate.  Fortunately, and unfortunately, I only had enough to make 24 cards (classmates + teacher) this time, and that was pushing it. Miso lucky. 😉



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