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Curry Coconut Roasted Butternut Squash Noodle Soup with Vegetables

You’d have to be living in a cave, if you didn’t know that Southern California is facing major severe drought issues. And ones that won’t be going away anytime soon, if anything, just becoming more bleak.  I wonder if one day people will ask, “I can’t believe people used to have their own pools!” So when I noticed, beyond our lovely “brown is the new green” lawn, that our neighbor had their sprinklers on even after it was raining JUST minutes ago, I was thinking, “Damn, that wasted water was worthy of at least a few good meatballs.” I should have marched across the street with my veggie burger in-hand and scolded, “This coulda been a real burger if it weren’t for people like you!”.

Then getting off my soap box, and finding my zen, I realized it’s about the changes I can make to do my part. Now, instead of observing meatless Monday, I’ve swapped it to Meat Monday where Tuesday through Friday can be vegetarian leaving the weekend to be open. I was once vegetarian but this girl can’t give up her steak until we are allotted one shower a week per household. This recipe is based off the Thai noodle soup dish, khao soi.  The complexities of different flavors and textures remain. I also added turmeric and ginger for health benefits, and chose veggies I had from the farmers market but feel free to sub with other veggies on hand. Namaste, my friends. 😉


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Barley Beet Greens Risotto

I’ve never been into risotto. Is it rice or pasta? Being Asian, you can’t categorize something like that as rice. So, I hardly ever order risotto at restaurants. However, exploring new whole grains and carb alternatives has been fun! Enter barley. This dish came upon happenstance when I over-cooked the barley to mush when I was hoping to make a whole grain squash and greens salad. Fortunately, that mistake turned into a beautiful new dish that I can get excited about. Especially when I was initially making it for a working dinner meeting. And the added bonus is another dish to use up beet greens! Holla!! Where my girls… hold up…where my paleo girls at?!


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