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Almond Butter

The ultimate sandwich to bring on a challenging hike is one that has a generous slather of nut butter, sliced ripe bananas, and drizzled honey. But hikes in Los Angeles aren’t quite the ones I used to do in the Pacific Northwest. Hiking in LA has nice groomed trails, which are never muddy, and parking to trails is conveniently near the trail head. I’m surprised they don’t park services doesn’t offer valet. Nonetheless, I still enjoy it. On a non-smoggy, clear day, you can see the cityscape or ocean if you’re on the west side. I still make this sandwich for my breakfast rotations during the week. But since being told that peanut butter isn’t the best nut butter for my digestion, I have switched over to almond butter. Often times the ones carried in the store have a combination of nuts so making it yourself is super easy and simple- and much more affordable. I first made almond butter in the vitamix which wasn’t as easy as the food processor.  I’ve added honey into mine with a dash of Himalayan salt. You can do without either. No added oil needed necessary, just a tad of patience.


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Raw Chocolate Coconut Vegan Mousse

When you slap on a label like cheesecake, you expect cheesecake. I initially made a raw vegan “cheesecake” that tasted nothing like cheesecake. Expectations were hugely disappointed. And I’m not a huge cheesecake fan. I prefer Japanese style cheesecake to New York style cheesecake.

That’s why I altered the cheesecake recipe to resemble something that reflected what it really is. It’s vegan and raw, so chances are that it will be nothing like cheesecake. And having eliminated cow dairy from my diet, I can appreciate this and am excited about trying other vegan desserts. Not sure if I need to do the raw route but this is a good start.  And I even added a little panache to the plating. Rah rah raw! Yep, this is what eating raw and vegan does to my jokes- it makes them corn-y. I am just on a roll… a coconut flour one.


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