Monthly Archives: August 2015

School Bentos

Back to school and….back to making bentos. The first two weeks of bentos haven’t been exactly impressive. Mainly because it is tough for me to get back on the early morning schedule. And I’m totally okaaay with that.  I’ve decided to keep the lunch bento bar low…er this year and start simple. Because the worst thing is opening up your kid’s returned lunch box and seeing that hardly anything was touched ESPECIALLY after spending a precious 30 minutes making cute puppies out of bananas only to find them just pathetically smooshed.  One of my good ol’ standby lunch is converting boxed mac n’cheese into a decent lunch by throwing in some frozen veggies, usually spinach, to make it a bit healthier. Win-win, right? For me, I want to spend just enough time to make a lunch that is healthy where my kid will look forward to opening her lunchbox.   We have been throwing in multiple golden kiwis into her bentos this week. It’s the one fruit that baffles me. It’s the only fruit more expensive in California than New York. I used to buy these up in Chinatown back in New York for like 35 cents each. Now, you’re lucky to find them just under a $1.


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