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Chocolate Pudding

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill chocolate pudding This magical chocolate pudding has converted me to become a chocolate pudding luvah. It has yolks, cream, milk, and straight dark chocolate. This is serious stuff.  That means  you can claim that you are making this for the kids but be perfectly content that they’ll just get a little ramekin of it while you reserve the rest for yourself. You deserve it. You survived summer. And let’s celebrate with these cups of divine chocolate pudding, shall we?

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Sandwich Bentos

I rarely ate the sandwich brown bag lunches my mom packed me for school.  I’d just pluck the meat out and abandon the bread and occasional soggy lettuce.  But sandwiches made out of white bread are a whole other story. I normally NEVER buy white bread… unless it’s brioche. But having stopped at the Japanese grocery store, I picked up some of the “shokupan” which may I add makes the most amazing tea sandwiches.

BTW, last week’s two golden kiwis per lunch got burned out. It was a good run while it lasted. Now, I’m eating two kiwis at breakfast to go through our remaining box.


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