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Butter Mochi

One of my resolutions for this year is to welcome more joy in all parts of my daily life. This is a perfect recipe to do so. This is something that people need to make more often because it just brings me such great happiness eating it and it’s easy pretty straight forward to make. Since the Japanese enjoy their mochi on New Year’s Day, I figure I can’t go wrong with celebrating sweet ’16 with these!


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Coconut Cacao Oatmeal

I’m trying my hardest to come up with more healthy breakfast options than my typical avocado toast. Lately, I’ve been enjoying oatmeal with coconut milk, preferring the canned variety than the cartons because it has a creamier taste, when I realized WHY have I never made chocolate oatmeal before?! Hello? So here is my first attempt I at making a delicious but still healthy combination.  It was so hard to resist throwing in a handful of vahlrona chocolate into the pot… or a spoonful of nutella. But for what I was hoping to accomplish, I’m quite happy with these results. I mean, who doesn’t want a delicious dose of antioxidants if we can’t have wine at breakfast?


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