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Rice Krispies Valentines

This year, we were able to find things around the house again, for the annual homemade valentine project.  We created an easy valentine using potato stamps and classic rice krispies. I always am baffled how people go straight for rice krispies at bake sales so why mess with what the people want. I took the basic recipe and just replaced butter with coconut oil and a tsp of milk (because I realized that coconut oil and marshmallows do not mix), then adding a tsp of vanilla and a dash of salt.

I think I have always enjoyed Valentine’s Day because of the fine tradition of trading hand written greetings among friends and classmates. Who doesn’t appreciate receiving a sweet card? I just loved going through each card. The store bought ones were cute but I always marveled at the hand made greetings. And to this day, I still cherish a hand written card in the mail.

Happy card day, folks.


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Chocolate Fruit + Nut Oatmeal Cookies

I have always enjoyed the Cadbury Fruit and Nut chocolate bars. Oh wait… I loved the crispy rice chocolate bars while my brother always got the fruit n’ nut ones.  It’s more in recent years, that I have grown to enjoy the fruit and nut version because it convinces me that I’m being healthy with the fruit. So, here’s a cookie version with the addition of oatmeal. Bonus, right? I like the blueberry because it really adds a nice fruity flavor to the mix. What’s even better is my recent discovery that coconut oil can indeed create some crispy cookies while staying soft in the inside. Love me some of that coconut oil!


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