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Butter Prawns + Fava Bean Pasta

I love farmer’s markets. Not only can you get delicious produce from it but it provides an amazing sense of community no matter how small the market is. It gathers people who support the local economy. It brings people together to celebrate food. And that’s exactly what happened last week while I was picking out fava beans at a stall. Standing next to me was a guy explaining to a woman how to prepare fava beans, you have to remove the beans from the pods AND THEN remove the waxy shell from the bean.  It is a lot of work but fresh fava beans taste amazing to its frozen counterparts. When the guy turns the conversation to me and shares how he had this amazing meal in Pasadena made by this Asian chef of lobster and fava beans with pasta. (I am perplexed, why doesn’t this chef still have this restaurant in Pasadena as the restaurant scene in Pasadena is rather dismal!) He goes on to share how mind-blowing this dish was and then asks, what are you going to make with yours?

So, I decide after contemplating what to do with the bowl of fava beans I kindly wrangled my daughter to shell, to attempt to take on my own approach of this supposed mind-blowing pasta dish. Unfortunately, lobster isn’t a staple in my fridge so I substitute frozen wild prawns and throw in a handful of kale for good measure.  I can’t wait to tell the guy this week how he has inspired me to make this dish.


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