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Caramelized Onion Dip

I hosted an 80’s ladies game night and wanted to find some great nibbles for the evening. As a potato chip lover, I knew I had to include a chip and dip. And what better way than to make my own potato chips (using avocado oil, of course) and a classic favorite of dips.


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Slow Roasted Tomatoes

We received a bunch of beautiful ripened tomatoes that started to blister and couldn’t figure out how to salvage such delicious bounty. Enter slow roasted tomatoes. Sure, it takes 3 hrs to roast but when you’re stuck at home, might as well pop these in the oven to make amazing combinations with ’em. You really can’t go wrong whichever way you go. They taste like the best marinara sauce in a slice.


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School Bento Accessories

{L: Salmon Rice, Assorted Veggies, Stone Fruit. R: Potato Croquettes, Veggies with homemade carrot ginger dressing}

{Cucumber and ham sandwiches, coconut rolls (GF), mango fries, and home-grown baby carrots}

It’s that time of year where your Facebook feed gets flooded with 1st day back to school pics. I love seeing them all. And I get envious of those who start AFTER the Labor day holiday. C’s school begins in mid-August every year when it’s still like 90 degrees out. Simply wrong.

For those who are looking to keep the school lunches exciting and new-consider how you cut things! A simple sandwich cut into finger sandwiches and mangos sliced up like fries can make all the difference in a kid’s lunch. Not to mention cute animal toothpicks.

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