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Eight is Great

Sometimes having too much prep time calls for indecision. C and I toggled between the idea of a hamburger party, a flower party, and an ice cream party. Then two weeks to the birthday party date, we landed on the ice cream theme.

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Watermelon Party

This year, I had plenty of time, well at least more than 24 hrs unlike last year’s party, to prepare for C’s 7th birthday. But we all know that life always has us juggling, so with only three days left to scramble something together, it all came together pretty quickly once we figured out the theme. C originally suggested having another fruit party but then I remembered how a bunch of kids at school chose watermelon as their favorite fruit. I mean like, rows and rows of favorite fruit posters were posted in the hallway with different adaptations of ¬†watermelon pictures and drawings. And so the idea of a watermelon party came to fruit-ion!


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