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School Bento Accessories

{L: Salmon Rice, Assorted Veggies, Stone Fruit. R: Potato Croquettes, Veggies with homemade carrot ginger dressing}

{Cucumber and ham sandwiches, coconut rolls (GF), mango fries, and home-grown baby carrots}

It’s that time of year where your Facebook feed gets flooded with 1st day back to school pics. I love seeing them all. And I get envious of those who start AFTER the Labor day holiday. C’s school begins in mid-August every year when it’s still like 90 degrees out. Simply wrong.

For those who are looking to keep the school lunches exciting and new-consider how you cut things! A simple sandwich cut into finger sandwiches and mangos sliced up like fries can make all the difference in a kid’s lunch. Not to mention cute animal toothpicks.

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Bento Request

Balanced Bento

Sometimes happiness comes in a bento box. And this would be my C’s as she requested each of the items.

Menu: Tofu miso soup with kabu greens, vegetables, dumplings, rice, fruit (blackberries, bananas, and tangerine).

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Heart Day Bento

Heart Day Bento

I have never been a fan of Valentine’s day but I do *heart* my hearts. So how could I resist making a heart bento.

Menu: Animal shaped pasta (all the rave in our house now) with bolognese sauce, salami wrapped with cheese, avocado, carrots, and fruit (strawberry and apples). Not pictured: tangerine and pretz crackers.

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Jam & Honey Butter

Jam & Honey Butter

When I made the biscuits, I also accompanied the other side of the biscuits with honey butter. Honey butter on hot biscuit is a dangerous combo.

Of course, I made a huge amount of honey butter so I made C a honey butter jam sandwich. I finally figured out what to do with the rest of the bread, I make ‘egg in a basket’ for breakfast!

Menu: Honey butter jam (strawberry freezer jam indeed!) sandwich, fruit (strawberries and blackberries), roasted veggies, yogurt squish and pretzel sticks.


Miso Soup with Rice

Miso Soup with Rice

C loves her miso soup with rice inside. She would happily eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For this miso soup I used tofu, seaweed, mushrooms, and my mom’s miso with a dashi stock.

Menu: Miso Soup with rice, salmon, avocado, purple carrots, and fruit (apples and tangerine). Not pictured: Annie’s crackers and pearsauce.

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Turkey & Prosciutto Roll-ups

Turkey & Prosciutto Roll-ups

I personally have never been a fan of deli meat rolled up but C loves it. Turkey and prosciutto rolled up around cheese. I used string cheese so you can easily pull it to the size you need.

Menu: Rice with nori crack, fruit (raspberries and tangerine), turkey and prosciutto roll-ups, and veggies. Not pictured- pita chip crackers.

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Nori Crack

Nori Crack

Happy New Year! On our recent trip to Seattle, my mother starting making this bowl of rice with crumpled nori (seaweed) mixed throughout the rice and C started referring to it as “nori crack”. And of course while grocery shopping for meals, I asked her what she’d like for lunch, she requested nori crack. Luckily I had all the ingredients on hand. We normally buy the individual packs of nori from Costco. I have found them to be slightly salted with a generous portion of nori in each pack. All you need to do is just crumple the nori onto the rice and mix it in and repeat.

Menu: Nori crack rice, Turkey burgers, crudite with hummus, and fruit (apples and tangerine).

As for me, I am considering a nice winter detox (after returning from a holiday eating and drinking binge) and may post some of the recipes of winners I’ll incorporate throughout the season.

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Rosemary garlic dijon roast pork

Rosemary garlic dijon roast pork

The best thing about having a child that isn’t too picky is that you can throw in last night’s dinner into tupperware and call it, lunch. One thing that she has discovered is that there are so many different and fun snacks that I have denied my child. The other day she asks about oreos. A few days later, cheese puffs. More recently, go-gurt. But if Trader Joe’s has the knock off version of it, it’s fair game.

Menu: Roast pork with smashed potatoes, broccoli, and Asian pears. Not pictured: TJ’s go-gurt.


Avocado rolls

Avocado rolls

While I was rolling out mini avocado rolls, C comes up and asks if she can have rice with furikake. Of course it happens when I’m inspired to do more. Hence the little side cup of the leftover avocado cut up.

Menu: Mini dumplings, rice with furkikake, avocado rolls, and avocado with pear sauce and tangerine.

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Meatballs with Tonkatsu sauce

Meatballs with Tonkatsu sauce

There’s something about “bulldog (tonkatsu) sauce” that makes meat so delicious. Pour it on a can of cat food, and it could be a gastronomic “fancy feast”.

Menu: Turkey meatballs with tonkatsu sauce, mac n cheese, roasted cauliflower and green beans, and strawberries. Yes, the strawberries in SoCal are still quite delicious in mid-December.

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